Summer is Coming. So are the Snappy suits.

Yep, we're doing swimwear. Why? Because it's fun. And also who likes to drive to a store, try on random suits that 100 people have already put on in a hopefully recently cleaned fitting room with the fluorescent lights glaring down upon you, only to find that your bum is hanging out and there's no replacements in the next size? And don't even try this with children in tow. 

We believe swimsuit shopping should be a relaxing, fun experience. Women and girls finding the perfect suit that covers what you want to cover, looks great, fits without tugging or binding and doesn't cost too much. When you go to your closet to grab that suit, you should be excited about your look, not dreading putting that "almost OK" thing on. We want to help: If you have questions about sizing, boob accommodation (hey, it's an important thing!), body type shopping, advice on where to wear that new suit, what to accessorize with, we've got you covered, so to speak!

As the design and production process progresses, updates will be posted here on the blog. We want to know what you want: colors you like, designs you prefer, what your girls want to wear. Be sure to follow our Instagram @snappyswim and Facebook pages for new stuff. 


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