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Fiji, Nadi & Suva 
The real Fiji  
"Bula!" Three years ago, I (Jaimee) had the chance to go on a humanitarian trip with my daughter for HEFY to the beautiful main isle of Fiji. While we were there we did get a little sight seeing and fun days. One place we went as a group was the Waya Lailai Resort www.wayalailairesort.com/. It was situated on a gorgeous island chain about a 1 hour boat ride away from Nadi, which is also the main island airport location www.fijiairways.com/.
 This place is owned and operated by a Fijian family. It's not posh, but it's comfortable and perfect for a family on a budget that longs to see the other side of the world. Here, we experienced total quiet, true blue clear waters, white sand and friendly hosts.
A view from the hike
Our group stayed in a few of the dorm facilities but they also have little cabins. This isn't a huge place and everyone still had plenty of privacy. We went in mid-June and the weather was about 75-80*F in the day but it dips down to 60* at night. All meals and entertainment happen in the lodge which is a short 5 minute walk away. You can shop at a grocery store in Nadi close to the airport before heading out to the resort.
The kids on the beach. The water was the same color as our turquoise shirts.
Included are meals made from the island sources (fish, a potato-like root that I forgot the name of), coconut, papaya, rice, pineapple, etc.) The food was not 5-star, but there was enough variety and flavor that we were definitely satisfied. I appreciated that it was prepared the Fijian way, by Fijian people.
Yep, it was paradise, and we pretty much had the whole island to ourselves
Activities they offer include scuba diving, sightseeing tours on boat, spear fishing, mountain hiking and climbing and snorkeling. We hiked a moderate trail. There was quite a bit of jungle vegetation on the clearly marked paths. At the top, the views were breathtaking to say the least. We also took the opportunity to snorkel (equipment is rented for way cheap right on the beach). There are beautiful reefs and tropical fish galore. I had never done that before and could have stayed out for another few hours, it was that fun. I do recommend bringing water shoes to walk over the rocks to get to the boat in that area.
This is one of the dorms we stayed in
We got a bit of time to talk to the people (they are so nice) and learn about their culture which includes a way-laid back attitude toward time (Fiji Time), happiness that is contagious, appreciation for natural things and family unity. They danced at night after dinner and included us. So I guess we all danced after dinner together!
A family cabin
If you're looking for room service and a cruise boat, this isn't for you. But to experience authentic Fiji living for a short while in one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth, check it out. Oh, and be sure to bring your snappy suits!